Celebrating Representation

We hope you are inspired by this visual journey that illuminates the passion, dedication, and transformative impact that women and BIPOC individuals bring to the environmental movement.

These poster series are a heartfelt tribute to the invaluable contributions of BIPOC leaders, advocates, foresters and scientists in the fields of environmental science and conservation, forestry, STEM, and all the sectors where BIPOC and women were once told we didn’t belong. This collection is not just a celebration of what it looks like to be a scientist in predominantly white fields but is also a call to action. There is so much importance in recognizing the existence and successes of the many, many BIPOC people who have made the environmental and science fields what they are today. Recognizing their contributions and perseverance in predominantly white and male sectors matters not just for myself, but for the next generation to come. These posters shine a spotlight on only a few stories, achievements, and accolades of female, BIPOC environmental champions.

2022 Women's History Month Poster Series

This poster series was created to recognize and acknowledge the contributions and successes of women in GIS, forestry, and STEM. I didn’t learn about any of these people in school or college and I don’t hear them spoken about or acknowledged in a lot of spaces. I hope this series helps change the narrative about who belongs in these fields and who can be successful. You can find more information about this series and these scientists on Map Nerd’s LinkedIn!

2018 Women's History Month Poster Series

I designed this poster series to commemorate the courage and commitment it took for women to enter and be successful in the historic and present day male dominated Forestry field. As a Black, female in the MSU Forestry Department, I looked up to many of these people and their stories of perseverance; stories and experiences that helped make my presence in this sector possible. These posters were printed and displayed in the MSU Forestry Department building for the month of March 2018 and beyond.

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