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November was a GIS filled month for me. We celebrated GIS Day, attended and presented at the 2021 Geo for Good Summit, and kind of participated in a 30-day GIS challenge. As well as a lot of fun GIS on the side!

In grad school, the geography department used to make a cake for GIS Day which was always fun, so I’m glad that there are still people in the professional non-academic realm who make this day fun too!

The GIS Day event I attended was hosted by Tabulae Spatial Services and was a fun networking opportunity. It was my first time attending an event over Discord (like Slack or Google Chat). And now that I know forums are making it possible to be social, I will recommend Discord as a platform of choice for anyone else looking for an affordable and easy virtual space, especially if you have attendees from all over the world.

My birthday is in November and my bestie got my this very accurate sweatshirt!

The Geo for Good Summit was a big highlight for me because it was my first time presenting at this conference. And my first time presenting as Map Nerd Consulting! The Geo for Good Summit has been an event I’ve attended multiple times before and I’ve always found it to be really inspiring. There are so many ways people use GIS and create really compelling visuals; this summit showcased it all.

I felt super inspired from the conversations I had at my poster around tree canopy, equity, and mapping. And had a blast exploring the virtual Google campus.

Taylor and I also made a trip to the Google Campus in real life, and I saw the Google bicycles! Unfortunately, we did not see any dinosaurs.

You can watch the 2021 Summit on demand at this link:

And look through the gallery of posters at this link:

And I didn’t forget the Summit’s group photos. Let me know if you can spot me and Serefina!

Though the map filled month is over, the mapping continues! We’ve started a new contract and have been having conversations with a few other organizations. I look forward to making all days GIS filled!

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